Paths to Other Places - Drawing Parallels | James Cosgrove


Dreams and Dodgems

Friday 25 September 2020 to Sunday 24 January 2021

Cosgrove is interested in the structure of a picture in terms of its visual dynamics. Everything is underpinned by the discipline of mark-making and its relationship to gestural painted form.  The work in this exhibition is predominately rooted in drawing, although more about the dynamics and psychology of visual form than capturing exact 'likeness'.   Cosgrove often works from notebooks and imagination rather than led by representation.   Notebooks are used to summarise situations through drawing and cryptic observations in text. These form diaries of journeys - both real and imagined. Cosgrove uses them to redraw or reconstruct situations on board or canvas.

Often trying to decode memories - reduce elements to basic constructions and rebuild without too much pre-planning.  The intention is not to present an acutely observed reality but to allow chance to suggest an evolving narrative direction.   Most of these invented images are drawn from many notebooks or recalled from memory.  However, the paintings and drawings Cosgrove makes seldom refer to specific locations or circumstances but result from grouping together seemingly disparate actions to create an un-predetermined story line.   A bit like dream sequences, underlying themes in the organisation of a picture could be described as metaphor or narrative - and dichotomy. These imagined communities in fabricated landscapes, reference a 'homeland' - but from a distance, in time and space.

Image caption:  Dreams and Dodgems 


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