The Attraction of Opposites | Clare Andrews

Anticipated dates Friday 29 January to Sunday 30 May 2021

Deo Artio Series, Big Red Star Advances, Blue Dot retreats

This is an exhibition of oil paintings by Clare Andrews  which includes recent work as well as some from the last few years.  Andrews almost always works on a series of paintings at the same time; employing a common theme, colours and visual elements which are resolved in ever differing ways until the pictorial possibilities of those images are exhausted.  A series can consist of anything from three to twenty three paintings combining her own intriguing and ambiguous imagery.

The painting method which Clare Andrews employs is completely traditional oil paint on canvas but she is really interested in contrast, in her own visual language.  In her work, she uses the figurative and the abstract, large areas and shapes of flat colour interacting with realistic figurative images and apparently unrelated subject matter.  Each visual metaphor therefore has an equal weight of importance in the finished painting.  The resulting pictures may have some sort of narrative but usually do not.  They are left open-ended for the viewer to complete. 

Clare Andrews was born in Aberdeen and studied at Gray's School Of Art, Aberdeen, Hornsey College of Art, London and A Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Laje, Rio de Janeiro.  She lived for 30 years in Brazil but now lives and works between her studios in Scotland and Brazil.

Image caption:  Deo Artio Series, Big Red Star Advances, Blue Dot retreats

Exhibition Talk

Life in the Abstract- Grey Orange
Life in the Abstract- Grey Orange
Join artist Clare Andrews for a discussion about alchemy, painting and the use of diverse pictorial languages in the creation of her own visual landscape.  Looking at a selection of her work from the last few years she will explore the themes of society, feminism and the continuing relevance of the practice of painting today.  Andrews will also talk about how working in Brazil and Scotland may be reflected in her practice.

  • Date and time TBC

Tickets: £5, light refreshments included.  Booking essential, minimum number of participants required.